New release! SPCAF v7.4 has arrived.

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4 min read

Technology is progressing at an incredible rate and with technological improvements we are always able to fine-tune our tools at Rencore. Therefore, we are happy to announce that SPCAF version 7.4 has just been released. But what’s new?

Well, in the last update there were significant upgrades to the customization governance and analysis engine, and now we’re improving usability in SPCAF reports, improving the usage of FxCop and updating rules in SPCAF for the SharePoint Framework.

New rules for SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

Following the roll out of the SharePoint Framework General Availability (previously mentioned in SPCAF v7 release), you can now expect even more improvements to the rules list in SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF). SPCAF is the industry standard solution used by the biggest players working with SharePoint. It’s set up to ensure all customizations meet the highest security standards. Please see the list below:


  • SPF021301: Project doesn’t reference scripts from unapproved locations.

Best Practice:

  • SPF050901: Server hosting bundles supports CORS.


  • SPF120903: Proxies should be able to cache the script.
  • SPF120904: Script served with an ETag.
  • SPF120905: Script should be served using HTTP/2.


  • SPF010802: Don’t use HttpClient to connect to SharePoint

Improved visual report behavior in SPCAF

Reports within SPCAF make the developer’s life easier to receive all the necessary information. So, a logical step would be to optimize this process to the fullest – and that’s what we did! After evaluating and acting on constructive feedback, Rencore has improved the way reports can be viewed. Previously, they had a fixed width, which means that if you maximized the SPCAF window the report would still be narrow. We changed it so the report follows the width of the client application. This upgrade creates better visual access to your items

Utilize the “ignoregeneratedcode” parameter in FxCop.

Another great new feature is the ability to identify auto-generated code within FxCop and having the option to discard this data. Previously, you had to accept the code, but now it has a flag that allows you to ignore it. In the past, there wasn’t an opportunity to use this function. FxCop is a 3rd party analyzer that you can integrate in SPCAF and now you have the control to discard automatically generated code!

For more details about what is new in SPCAF v7.4 please also take a look at the release notes.

Try the new SPCAF v7.4 now

If you’re researching the new SharePoint Framework in your organization, we highly recommend that you analyze it with SPCAF v7.4. At Rencore we’re constantly evolving, so we can bring you the best and latest solutions for your needs.

Try out SPCAF v7.4 now!

Furthermore, if you’re considering the possibility of moving to the cloud, but worry about existing customization investments built for SharePoint on-premises, we would encourage you to run a pre-assessment using our second one-of-a-kind product SPTransformator. SPTransformator will easily show you the effort required to benefit from the cloud-ready development models and help you to automatically transform your full-trust code to CSOM, JSOM, REST, PowerShell, Patterns & Practices and of course the new SharePoint Framework.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and contact us.

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