Webinar: Know what you deploy to production

2 min read
2 min read

If you followed the announcements at Microsoft Build last week, you might have picked up the news about the SharePoint Framework app store that is about to be launched soon.

We’re proud and honored to be among the few companies who are a part of the store right from the beginning. We’ll be there to make sure you know exactly what’s in the apps you would like to download from the store.

To show you where the magic happens, on June the 17th, Waldek Mastykarz will take you on a look behind the curtains of our code analyzing tool and explain what you should look for when deploying applications to production.

Do you really know what’s inside the code that you have deloyed?

There are tons of resources available for developers to build applications on Microsoft 365: from reusable code libraries to components and even turn-key solutions. These existing building blocks significantly speed up development allowing organizations to quicker roll out their solutions. But as these applications get rolled out to your intranet, where you store sensitive information, do you really know what’s inside the code that you have deployed? Do you know what third-party code has access to your information?

Join Waldek at 10:00 am (EDT) / 4:00 pm (CEST) and learn how to verify that SharePoint Framework applications you deploy to production are trustworthy and won’t expose your organization to risks. If you are administering a Microsoft 365 tenant, this session is for you.

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