Free Microsoft 365 whitepaper! Essential Cloud Governance Planning: Keep Microsoft 365 Decluttered

3 min read
3 min read

We are delighted to announce that we have published the first whitepaper in our Essential Cloud Governance Planning series: Declutter Microsoft 365. The free whitepaper addresses one of the important cloud governance topics after successful adoption and continuing collaboration – cloud sprawl.

Free Rencore Whitepaper: Essential Cloud Governance Planning - Declutter Microsoft 365

As Microsoft 365 services adoption continues to rise, cloud sprawl becomes increasingly tough to manage. For many organizations, the rollout of Microsoft Teams during the coronavirus pandemic has been a huge success, immediately engaging users and breathing life into collaboration and communication.

However, there is a “Yin” to every “Yang”. Cloud sprawl, the byproduct of successful adoption and collaboration, poses a new challenge for governance. Organizations face rapidly growing amounts of inactive teams and groups, unused accounts belonging to external users, and difficulty identifying unknown publicly shared content. In an increasingly remote world, this problem is not limited to Teams but the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

Matthias Einig, author of the whitepaper and co-founder and CEO at Rencore explains:
The further our research goes into Microsoft 365 governance, the more we uncover different challenges. Especially in the last 18 months, cloud sprawl has risen as a significant priority for organizations, allowing both business collaboration to thrive and IT to remain aware and in control of resources.

The whitepaper addresses complex challenges around cloud sprawl and a defined process for keeping Microsoft 365 environments clutter-free. Furthermore, forming part of a complete cloud governance strategy, recommendations on how to blend out-of-the-box tools and third-party tools to accomplish effective cloud governance quickly complete this comprehensive how-to guide.

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