Free whitepaper! Optimize Microsoft 365 costs best practices

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3 min read

We are delighted to announce that we have published the free guide “Optimizing your Microsoft 365 costs”. The whitepaper discusses how to efficiently manage the operational expenses of Microsoft 365 to reduce the risk of overspending. It will examine the best options for organizations looking to scale while remaining on budget, open to collaboration, and secure.

Keep Microsoft 365 operating expenditure low

Over a million companies use Microsoft 365 worldwide. Its success is partially down to its intuitive interface, familiar Office apps, and the relative simplicity to rollout with customizable features and add-ins to suit any business needs. At first glance, most organizations find that Microsoft 365 offsets costs, especially compared with other productivity suites.

However, as service adoption skyrockets via Teams, SharePoint, Office Apps, and integrations with other Microsoft software like the Power Platform, organizations have been surprised by rising costs as they scale business operations. Through inspection, it becomes clear that hidden expenditures have mounted up through processes such as excessive assigned licenses, storage limits, and unknown use of premium components to build low and no-code business solutions.

Consequently, organizations find themselves operating with a higher expenditure than expected, and these costs can rapidly increase further as Microsoft 365 service adoption continues to grow.

Matthias Einig co-founder, and CEO at Rencore explains:
Keeping Microsoft 365 operating expenditure (OpEx) low is crucial for a net reduction in overall spending and maintaining a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore, optimal process management is another top priority for C-levels, alongside maintaining risk and compliance standards as platform usage grows. Throughout this whitepaper, we address the challenges to avoid spiralling spending and optimize costs as organizations scale business processes.

Keeping costs under control for Microsoft 365 is an ongoing commitment. There is no fix-and-forget solution. This commitment calls for a robust strategy to help identify problem areas with minimal effort and resourcing. By centralizing data, gathering insights, and acting quickly, it is possible to optimize costs and keep operating expenditure low. The whitepaper provides all the details to implement such a strategy at scale.

Download your free copy today!

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