Rencore Governance monthly update: September edition!

3 min read
3 min read

Hello and welcome back! With summer coming to a close, I hope you managed to get some summer recuperation.

Rencore has been busy preparing updates and I would like to show what our team has worked on throughout August and shipped for you this month.

Based on feedback for multiple user access in Rencore Governance, our team has built and implemented a new role management system.

Furthermore, Rencore Governance has a noticeable spring in its step with boosted performance to enhance your user experience.

Prefer to catch up by video? Check out our latest product update here:

Role Management

While the last update provided entities to locate roles of those using Microsoft 365, our team has now built out Role Management capabilities throughout Rencore Governance itself.

In short, every Rencore Governance user can now be assigned role. With each role comes a set of permissions, and each role can be assigned to a wider team.

So, as a quick example, here is a short list of our pre-built roles:

  • Owner: 42 permissions
  • Admin: 37 permissions
  • Contributor: 28 permissions
  • Reader: 4 permissions

For each role you can click on the ellipses button and have a deeper understanding of those assigned permissions.

Nice and quick to get you started!

However, for most of you, you want to customize your roles and permissions. By clicking on “add role” you can create a custom role and create custom permissions.

Furthermore, you can assign roles to a team, and like roles, you can also customize your teams and control who sees what from each service. For example, you may only want SharePoint admins to only see SharePoint information.

To conclude, teams with their assigned roles will be able to have access to data and information on a granular level, which you can set up quickly and manage easily. This will allow you to provide more transparency and relevant information to specific stakeholders.

Increased Data Grid Performance

Our second big update is all about Rencore Governance performance.

Although far from sluggish, our team used the summer period to further increase the speed of retrieving data when sorting or filtering within a data grid.

By adding an additional database layer, our team were able to enhance Rencore Governance’s capacity to handle big data -hundreds of thousands to a million – within a data grid while delivering a fast-loading time of that data.

We hope our latest updates have added some more value to your user experience!

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Until next time, have a great day, happy governing and see you next month!

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